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TRIBAL TRUCK ART PAKISTAN looking for opportunities in the UAE

TRIBAL TRUCK ART PAKISTAN -traditional Pop art
Truck artists from Karachi can paint cars , walls , doors , fans ,refrigerators , cabinets , furniture . Anything !!
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Please contact Whatsapp Anj 00923008265388.
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The exuberant and flamboyant style Pakistani Truck Art is a legitimate and distinct folk art, which represents the values and aspirations of vast majorities of ordinary truck drivers and artists especially from the mountainous tribal areas in the Northern part of the country.Anjum Rana represents the new Pakistani woman entrepreneurial and creative with an eye for the extraordinary in ordinary everyday life. She has made it her goal to bring this art into the mainstream, into our homes, and give it the recognition it so richly deserves.Anjum Rana has employed master truck painters and directs them in painting their richly textured motifs on everyday objects such as kettles, lanterns, oil-lamps, boxes garden furniture, walls, fans and object d’art.
Anjum Rana and her painter team are performing shows on the ground last year she has been painting vehicles in front of the Eiffel towers Paris check the link and many other countries . Anjum and her team are looking for painting opportunities in the UAE

Her presentation

Anjum Rana presenting the tribal Pakistani Truck Art

To get 5% reduction get in touch with the following address and precise them the code ANJCAR


11 inch Rs 2200