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HOME DECO- Sculptures and murals from Serbia




HOME DECO  is a dedicated space on which we are presenting the artistic partners Annonces Golfe. All our partners are trustable and agreed to  let a  5  percent reduction on sales for the Annonces Golfe members and readers.
Let’s introduce our selected artists and their art:




For pleasant atmosphere in your home, restaurants, hotels….wide range of original, hand made art works:

– fountains – murals – lamps – mirrors – vases – masks – sculptures – paintings

LIBRA ANTIC ART STUDIO is a team of artists  decorating hotels ,restaurants, homes.. since  2000 in many countries. There are also many private collections of these unique artworks which can be seen in museums in Germany, Tunisia, Voivodina…




Team of artists ,husband and wife, Liliana Libra and Bob Lepenski
Liliana is recognized by her original, hand made ceramic sculptures and murals. Inspired with mythology of different cultures, Greek, Roman… and by her own imagination.
Her sculptures are very decorative, so they are part of many private collections.
Their presentation on the Vitrinart Showcase

Liliana LIBRA


Bob is recognized by his surrealistic paintings, very unusual but could be decorative at the same time.

He had lived and worked in Germany  where he assisted to many exhibitions. Some of his paintings are present at the Museum of art in Muenchen.

He is also the master of murals. His murals are either painted or made of mixed media materials.

 Murals are made as a combination of ceramic and glass pieces, look great as home decoration and bigger ones could be decoration of different interiors such as hotels , restaurants, self-owened corporations.

Different materials are used and those are reliefs. The team combines ceramic pieces, glass and other materials in order to give an interesting effect. Bob and Liliana can create any kind of artwork under request.


To get the reduction get in touch with the following address and precise them the code SAHEB

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